and maintaining customer relations, searching for business partners and positioning the company in the market. Trade fairs are also test markets for new products and therefore also a market research tool. They enable companies to raise their profile, to analyse the competition and at best to boost sales of products.  For young companies or startups the opportunity to exhibit and attend a trade fair is enormously important, because they provide the best platform for surveying market competitors, their presentations and products.  

The leading trade fair also has a crucial PR function in the sector. At no other time can a subject draw such a public than during a trade fair. Trade fairs are also a happening. Networking in a small space, in which many things can happen by chance. 

Frankfurt Musikmesse collaboration/ Music trade fair
A strong trade fair in Europe is important for the music instrument branch in Germany. Against this background, SOMM (the Society of Music Merchants) and Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH have intensified their collaboration on the music trade fair. “Our collaboration with the industry association SOMM enables us to make optimal use of industry expertise so that the music trade fair can continues to be a success in Frankfurt,” says Stephan Kurzawski, member of the executive board of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. Kurzawski also welcomes the continued and increased collaboration with the Society Of Music Merchants. “With its location in Frankfurt, we have the best chance of continuing to attract international visitors to the music trade fair,” says Daniel Knöll, director of SOMM.  “So our task is to make the music trade fair as interesting as possible to attract all European traders here.” To guarantee that, a substantial numbers of measures and innovations are being implemented to give the music trade fair a new face on the western area of the Frankfurt Messe. 

For more information about the music trade fair, see www.musikmesse.com   

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Relevant trade fairs in the musical instrument sector*:

* No claim is made that this is a complete list.


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