According to common understanding, sustainable development means giving environmental considerations equal weight vis-à-vis social and economic considerations (the ‘three-pillar model’: ecological, economic, and social) in order to leave future generations an intact structure for viable development.
When one looks deeper into the issue, one quickly comes face to face with questions about one’s own understanding of sustainability, from its definition to ways of applying it in practice. Only once a strategy is developed and adopted at management level with a clear, long-term objective can sustainable measures actually be implemented. In addition to the ECP database, the Society Of Music Merchants offers its members numerous seminars on environmental compliance to help them comply with environmental guidelines.

The MI industry has a fundamental interest in securing resources long-term to ensure its own short- and long-term survival. Production commodities such as wood, metal and oil for plastics are a fundamental component in musical instruments and the equipment that go with them.

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