An ongoing exchange with political, economic and institutional bodies, as well as networking and linking shared interests are among the association’s core duties in communicating the association’s mission statement to the outside in the most meaningful and purposeful way, via our self-conception and our basic principles.

Accordingly, creating process-optimised conditions for an industry absolutely requires seeking consensus with the political and business sectors. Strong in its conviction that Germany and Europe must evolve into a knowledge and creative society, and that education and culture play a key role in this, the Society of Music Merchants works with its partners in many areas of social life associated with music and music-making, to make Germany and Europe a vibrant realm of music.

As part of its membership in the German Music Council (DMR), SOMM leverages its connection to the institution to act as an advisor and competence centre in politics and civic society. The DMR aims to strengthen awareness of the value of creativity; provide impetus for the music scene with its openness to all forms of musical expression; support young people’s access to the world of music in selected areas of national importance; and build bridges of understanding. In this, musical education as a central component of a humane society, is the foundation of the German Music Council’s work to influence music education policy.


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