European School Music Prize (ESP)

In addition to supporting third-party projects, the Society Of Music Merchants also organises its own projects to promote music. The focus is always on expanding active music-making and encouraging and promoting music education in Germany as essential components of holistic education. Active music making promotes creativity and general intellectual development. It encourages disciplined work and strengthens the development of personality. Music is and will remain a fundamental form of expression and skill. Actively engaging with it should be an integral part of the lives of all generations whatever their cultural and social backgrounds.

The European School Music Prize was initiated in 2010 by the Society of Music Merchants SOMM. SOMM presents this award annually to school and teaching projects which deserve particular support. The aim of this prize and contest is to document good examples of creative musical work in class and in working with various working groups and make them available to the public in order to achieve an appreciation of music teaching in schools. The ESP is endowed with prize money and split into two divisions - ‘musical work in the classroom’ and ‘musical work in extracurricular activities’ - each with three sub-categories (Special schools for children with learning difficulties, grades 1–4 and grades 5–12). Projects submitted are judged on the criteria of motivation, individual activity, personal responsibility and team spirit among students, transferability of ideas and teaching methods as well as the clarification of work and learning process. Entries are judged and selected by an expert jury composed of senior representatives from the field of music education.

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