‘Active music making - Make your music’ video clip

The SOMM ‘Make your music’ video clip - a logical continuation of the preceding poster campaign – was shown on a total of 83 screens at 52 cinema theatres in seven German cities. In parallel, the spot was aired on TV by Super RTL and Viva. This is the biggest project ever initiated by an MI industry interest group. More than 2.1 million people have been reached with the video clip.

The use of the spot on Super RTL and Viva enabled SOMM to reach about 770,000 people in the 14 to 29 age group and about 820,000 people in the 6 to 13 demographic. A remarkable total of 1.6 million people were reached on television in the target group of 6 to 24-year-olds.

Afghanistan project


During its years in power, the radical Islamist Taliban government adopted and widely enforced a whole series of measures and laws were adopted. In particular, these included severe restrictions on the rights of women and the destruction of cultural assets, which in addition to the statues of Buddha at the UNESCO world heritage site of Bamiyan, included all musical instruments in the country – both Western and traditional Afghan instruments. This has had far-reaching consequences for the country: without musical instruments it is no longer possible for people to make their own music. If no one can play instruments any more, the music of the country dies.

In Afghanistan the positive effects of music in terms of its healing properties for (emotionally) hurt people and especially children are clearly visible. The new music school will therefore be open to orphans and to girls and boys from troubled families in particular. Here they learn traditional Afghan and Western instruments, with a view to the power of music to overcome ethnic divisions, set new goals, and provide support. Music opens new perspectives in life.

In this way music and the country’s first music school have a great stabilising effect on people. If it is true that the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan cannot be decided militarily, it is all the more important to win it in people’s hearts and minds. The association has made a major contribution to achieving this. The new music school is officially called the ‘Afghanistan National Institute of Music’ (ANIM) and was officially opened its doors at the end of March 2010. Beforehand, donated instruments from SOMM members were transported to Kabul by the Army.

The musical instruments used at ANIM mostly come directly or indirectly from Germany - be it from our SOMM donations or through funding from the Foreign Office to purchase some traditional Indian instruments. SOMM has thus made a large and important contribution to the peaceful development of Afghanistan’s people while simultaneously documenting the immense importance of active music-making in society. 

Poster campaign – Music Your Life!

Plakataktion - Music Your Life

After a successful launch of the ‘Your Life Music’ ad campaign in 2007, nationwide billboard campaign entered its second round in November 2009. The ‘Music Your Life!’ ad campaign pointed out the importance of active music-making and was aimed at getting teens in particular excited about learning or playing an instrument themselves.

Under the heading ‘A good reason to clean up the cellar’ the poster campaign shows a school band in a rehearsal room clearly having fun making music. The nationwide poster campaign had a total budget of €100,000 and was funded by SOMM, the Musikmesse Frankfurt and local music retailers.

Reason behind the poster campaign: to build public awareness for the fascination of active music-making.

Communications objective: active music-making is important for all age groups and can have an enriching effect at any stage of life. In addition, as a leisure activity, unlike football music-making is free of national chauvinism.


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