Mission Statement

The SOMM - Society of Music Merchants e. V. represents the cultural and commercial interests of the musical instrument and music equipment industry in Germany and throughout Europe with the aim of:

  • Strengthening the industry’s competitiveness across all market sectors,
  • Helping to shape the political and legal framework in accordance with the industry’s requirements,
  • Defining market standards and providing services to members,
  • Promoting up-to-date continuing education and training in music,
  • Strengthening music and musical skills in society.

Communication | Services | Lobbying

The association was founded in February 2005 by leading companies from various sectors of the musical instrument industry in Germany, with the aim of organising a strong general association that represents the entire industry across all sectors. SOMM sees itself as a lobby, service provider and communications link for all trade and economic relations within and outside the musical instrument and music equipment industry (MI industry).

As a lobby, the Society of Music Merchants undertakes the traditional duty of a trade association: long-term promotion of sales through active shaping of the economic and political conditions. The association coordinates matters within the industry and to the outside, and cultivates close ties with political bodies, public authorities, institutions and other business associations and market partners. In addition, the association pools the diverse interests of its members and focuses on them across sectors using internal and external groups of people and institutions. The conformance of each company with each other in the various fields of production, sales, retail and media is crucial to this constitution.

Given this constituent symbiosis, a European orientation is mandatory, especially as the European market continues to converge. International thinking and action is now a prerequisite for a well-functioning and flourishing market – SOMM has already established the basis for a music-making Europe. With its members, who operate all over Europe, and the affiliated companies, which operate in Britain, Austria and Switzerland as well as the Benelux countries, an essential step towards European action has been taken.

Aufgaben und Ziele


  • Create transparency and understanding of economic and creative (inter)relationships across the entire music industry
  • Furnish and communicate relevant economic data from the industry
  • Increase awareness of the social components of active music-making
  • Improve the quality of the industry through education, training and continuing education
  • Strengthening the association at home and abroad
  • Create impetus for trends in the MI market
  • Establish and support initiatives for basic musical education
  • Expand the network idea (SOMM community)


  • Training and certification as ‘Certified Music Merchant’ (CMM)
  • Collection, processing and provision of relevant industry data (IMIS)
  • Provision of the Environmental Compliance Platform (ECP)
  • Newsletters and trend research
  • Assertion of framework agreements with service providers
  • Advice on legal matters of daily business


  • Strengthen the MI industry as an essential pillar of the growing and increasingly important cultural and creative industry and as an industry of considerable economic relevance
  • Raise awareness for music as an important cultural and economic factor
  • Implement music education as an essential component of holistic education
  • Establish an appropriate legal framework for a more efficient MI industry
  • Establish appropriate economic conditions for more efficient MI industry
  • Strengthen Germany as a location for the establishment of a European association

Services provided by the SOMM - Society Of Music Merchants e. V.

  • Funding, promotion and expansion of active music-making
  • Advancement of music culture
  • Communication of industry-specific know-how
  • Networking (expert committees, seminars and industry meetings)
  • Training (Certified Music Merchant - CMM)
  • Consultation (production and sales)
  • Strengthening of the industry internally and towards the outside 
  • Public relations - PR and public affairs
  • Market research and statistics - IMIS and studies


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